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Hey, I'm Heather

For ten years, my husband told me I needed a hobby, so for my 30th birthday, he surprised me with my first camera. I was having fun just taking photos of our family and garden when my mother-in-law volunteered me for her friend’s wedding. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and agreed to it, and ended up falling IN LOVE with weddings.

...Then It all changed

As a high achieving creative, school really pushed me to be a great student, but not a great creative. I was that girl that carried a disposable camera with me at all times, that girl in a metal band, that girl who knew how to knit, but I’d been taught that my creativity couldn’t pay my bills. I went into a totally unrelated field in college and ended up losing myself in the process. It was just work, achieve, and repeat every single day. And because I tend toward being a total workhorse, I was okay with that... for a while.

let's go way back


When I niched into weddings, I found myself slipping into the negative habit of putting on a different persona to match what I thought my clients were looking for. I stifled my real, creative self but my "professional" self got me nowhere. And that’s when it hit me–I just needed to be me in all my upbeat, alternative, pagan, elder emo glory.

How I came up with the name for my business

Around the time my husband put this whole thing into action, we bought some land to build our homestead. We named it Bee Brook Farm, and I loved the name so much that I also named my photography business after it.

Our engagement and wedding photos were amazing! Heather was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her.

- Courtney


Since then, I’ve worked with so many eclectic couples that have celebrated their days with such a refreshing mix of tradition and unconventionality. I’ve photographed countless handfastings and couples jumping the broom, brides wearing black dresses, a sword and staff vow exchange, couples playing rock-paper-scissors in the middle of their ceremony to decide who’s going to say their vows first, multicultural weddings, a cemetery wedding, a bride walking down the aisle to the Jurassic Park theme song… the list goes on and I’m here for it!

I'm not for everyone

Look, I’m going to be fully honest in saying that I’m not the photographer for everyone. If your #1 priority is making everyone else a priority and neglecting your own wishes on your big day, please run the other way. But if you want a photographer who:
  • prioritizes what YOU want over getting the “perfect shot”
  • values authenticity
  • feels more like a friend than a vendor
  • documents all the big, small, and in between moments
  • you can trust 100%
  • encourages you to celebrate exactly how YOU want to
…then you should probably slide into my DMs below.


I’m an elder emo, so I know what it’s like to not fit the mold. I truly celebrate every single unconventional aspect of a couples’ day, because I want all of my couples to feel 100% comfortable being themselves and throwing expectations out the window. I'll always be the first person to embrace all your weird, off-the-wall ideas and have tons of fun doing it alongside you!

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Heather did an incredible job with our wedding photos! She is so dedicated, professional, fun, and encouraging! We could not have asked for a better outcome and will cherish our wedding photos for the rest of our lives.

- Shannon

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