Number one? YOU'VE GOTTA LIKE THEIR VIBE. Think about it--you're going to spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than your own spouse! I always schedule a video chat before I let anyone book with me. You need to know who I am before I can earn your trust. Want to know more about me? Follow the link below.

And the second? YOU LIKE THEIR PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE. This should go without saying--Asking a photographer to do anything different than their existing style is like asking an oil painter to use charcoal instead. Professional wedding photographers pour their heart and soul into developing their own unique style. My editing is dark and moody but also true to color with deep shadows, bold colors, and high contrast. I also include black and whites in every gallery. My shooting style, on the other hand, varies throughout the day, but I try to keep it as authentic and aesthetic as possible. So hold onto your hats, because I'm about to break it down!

there are only two things to be sure of before hiring a wedding photographer.

about heather

i capture each unique wedding with authenticity.

Because I strive for my photos to be authentic, I vow to never:

  • modify body shape
  • edit out scars, moles, freckles, wrinkles, or other permanent features
  • interrupt a real moment to pose you

And my clients LOVE that about my style.  Just take it from Katie!

Heather is great to work with! The photos she took are gorgeous and the colors are brilliant! I am so impressed with how well she captured the moments. I loved the authenticity of her style. She perfectly captured the emotion and beauty of our wedding day!

- Katie

I take special note of any special details and relationships and choose my photo spots based on client opinion and ideal lighting/location, so no two weddings will look the same, even if they choose the same venue with all the same details. Even though every wedding is different, I consistently approach certain parts of the day in similar ways.

Dress Photos & Flat Lay

Staged and art-driven.  I'll make sure to hang your dress somewhere pretty and take lots of detailed photos so you can remember exactly how it looked even after it’s been deconstructed or put away in a box somewhere.  I set all of your most important details up in an artistic way so you can be proud of hanging them on your wall instead of having just another useless detail photo in your gallery.

getting ready

Documentary & candid. I like to capture these moments as they unfold, but I’ll give you as much or as little direction during this time as you need.

1st look / touch

Documentary.  This is the most optional part of the day, but a great idea if you want to a) go quickly from the ceremony to the party and b) enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests.  I'll give you some direction before you start the big reveal and encourage you to let the emotions flow as they come.


Documentary (obviously). I’m going to capture your entire ceremony without any interruptions. I have some tips and tricks I go through with my couples before the ceremony, but you can expect me to be a total fly on the wall during this part of the day, because my goal is to respect how sacred a wedding ceremony is… and also to take photos of as many people ugly crying as I can.


Natural posing. I love using natural posing with lots of movement, prompts centered on highlighting the couples' personality, some posed/editorial-style photos, and a sprinkle of what I like to call parent pleasers--just a few traditional-styled photos that parents will love to print and hang on their wall. I want my couples to have fun, not feel like the whole day is one super long portrait session, so I make sure I bring that laid-back vibe to each portion of the day I’m directing. I’m the first to tell you that if you want mostly photos of you looking at the camera, or photos that don’t have any real emotion or signs that you’re actually a human, I’m not your girl.

That said, I ask each of my couples for 15 seconds of their day to do something purely for someone else--to take what I like to call “parent- pleaser” photos. These are the ones your parents are going to print and put on their wall. Otherwise, it's all you all day!

the party

Documentary. I don't want to interrupt any of your fun!  I'll be there to coach you through your cake cutting if you need it, capture all the tears and laughs during speeches, and take whatever photo requests you have for me!  I use off-camera flash, direct flash, and shutter drag techniques to capture the energy of the dance floor. Bonus points for capturing sweat droplets flying through the air, spilled drinks, thrown groomsmen, and mosh pits.

Real Weddings

Heather did an incredible job with our wedding photos! She is so dedicated, professional, fun, and encouraging! We could not have asked for a better outcome and will cherish our wedding photos for the rest of our lives.

- Shannon

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Our engagement and wedding photos were amazing! Heather was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her.

- Courtney

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